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February Update

Hey. I am pretty busy with all kinds of projects and happy about it. Let me go one by one. First, tomorrow the new release by my new label will be out, called “Collector I”. It is a pack of 4 techno tracks, 3 original and one remix by a friend of mine - Gosh Milushev. You will be able to find it in Beatport, as well as Juno Download and the rest of the digital stores.

Also I’ve started a collab project with Garo, called “Hunnley" and we already have 2 demo EP’s ready to represent the sound we are going for. I am currently devoted to techno, but combined with the mellow house perception of Garo we get, I believe, a nice mixture between the two styles. More on that as soon as we get those two EPs signed.

In the meantime I am getting into composing soundtracks. My first project is for an FPS game set in WW2. This is pretty big for me and something I haven’t done before, so I am excited a lot. Can’t wait to show you some pieces of music, but it will have to wait until I get everything sorted out with the game creators and most of all - hopefully they are going to dig what I’ve recorded so far. 

Now back on KOMPONENTI - we already have a few releases down the pipeline but the most certain is the next one - SPK003. It is coming from Josef Gaard (the guy responsible for the wicked remix in SPK001). Two droned out techno nightmares, combined with a tool techno remix from me (under the Prone alias). I think that it will make a nice addition to the current two releases. 

On the This Ain’t Music front we have a pretty big release in the making, connected with the Define One project. No new music here but some nice surprises down the way. It should be released in the coming months and hopefully you are going to enjoy it.

I think that this is it for now and more to follow. Bookmark the KOMPONENTI Beatport profile in order to get first hand access to the new release tomorrow.

First release out for KOMPONENTI

Hey guys, the first release of my new project KOMPONENTI is now available worldwide in almost all digital stores out there. I am more than happy about it of course. If you care to buy it, please visit the release page here

I am planning a Prone heavy year ahead and already have quite a few techno releases scheduled and on the way. With that in mind, please find attached the preview player for the second KOMPONENTI installment below. Comments are always welcome.

Stephan Panev launches KOMPONENTI

Hey, quick update on a project that has been in the works for quite some time now. As you probably don’t know, I’ve closed the Hole Recordings label almost 3 years ago for various reasons, but the main one being that at some point I no longer felt like it makes sense. After that I signed with This Ain’t Music, great label from Berlin, which is still my main label. 

However I’ve started to collect quite a few tracks that don’t really work with This Ain’t Music and decided to give them a go by their own in a separate label - KOMPONENTI. This is how the idea was born and the rest is not so interesting chain of events which led to the fact that the first release is coming out on 31st January 2012.

The label will be concentrated on releasing Techno & Ambient tools for DJs and because of that, if you like my output as Define One or even the more mellow material as Stephan Panev, you probably won’t be so much into that label. But if you are into pitch black techno, bookmark the label’s homepage

First release is under my moniker Prone and is called “Nomad / Eugene”. Included is a masterful remix by Josef Gaard, who successfully bridges the gap between techno and drone in order to bring you a dark piece of music for your sets.

In the meantime, my upcoming release for This Ain’t Music is scheduled for 26th this month and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Cheers.

Stephan Panev releases new EP in December titled “Belower”

Hey. My new EP will be released on 26th December 2012 for my homelabel This Ain’t Music. Just in time of Christmas I am unleashing a collection of rather dark tracks titled “Belower”. It is a nice contrast to my last EP - “Silencer" and I think that it is a good follow up. The EP includes 4 brand new tracks - two taken off my album in the works ("Temporary Permanence") and two brand new ones. A video of the title track will be released some time next week.

Stephan Panev remixes Josef Gaard

Hey guys, my latest remix is now available on Beatport. It is a part from the debut release by Josef Gaard “Chariot”. Lot’s of nice techno with a touch of ambient and drone in there, so I suggest you to check it out. A preview of my remix is available in the player below.

Stephan Panev's November Beatport Chart 2012 →

This month’s chart includes some great picks from Kangding Ray, Planetary Assault Systems, Terrence Dixon, Lakker, Developer and others.

Prone - Eugene

In short - in the last 5-6 months I’ve been working on quite a lot techno tools and decided to start releasing them under the alias Prone, since they don’t fit quite well with my Stephan Panev output. This is the first banger.

New Stephan Panev remix on the way

Hey guys. Good news - a new This Ain’t Music release is shaping up. Coming from a new and aspiring artist called Josef Gaard. A great 5 track EP of dub techno warmness. I have two personal favorites, which you will be able to hear soon in my mixes. One of them, as the title suggests is also remixed by me. This is actually one of the few times where I remix something I really like and because of that, I’ve used quite a few samples from the original. I think it came out nice with a deep and driving low end, great for beginning or for closing, depending on the venue. Release dates, previews and stuff - soon.